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Solid Earth Geophysics

Solid Earth Geophysics is a specialisation in the MSc programme in Geology-Geoscience. Below, you can read the part of the curriculum that describes the specialisation and see an illustration of which course of study the specialisation offers.

The specialisation provides specific competences, skills and knowledge in the following areas:

Knowledge about:

  • Integration of field-based data with relevant analysis methods to solve complex geological problems at a high academic level.
  • The theoretical and practical aspects of seismology, including the use of controlled source and earthquake seismology to determine the Earth's material properties.
  • Theory and practice in the planet's gravity, and its implications for the Earth's structure and dynamics.
  • Electromagnetic theory, the geomagnetic field and their uses when addressing geological problems.
  • The relationship between Earth's structure, physical properties and dynamics.

Skills to:

  • Participate in and undertake the planning of a geological study.
  • Geothermal and other geophysical observations.
  • Geodynamic modelling of processes such as mantle convection and plate tectonics.

Competencies to:

  • Synthesising results from different geophysical methods in order to describe the Earth's properties in terms of density, elasticity and rheology.
  • The application of basic physical equations to the solution of general geophysical problems.

Programme structure:

Compulsory courses: 22,5 ECTS
Restricted elective courses: 22,5 ECTS – see list of courses at the bottom of this page
Elective courses: 15 ECTS
Thesis: 60 ECTS

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Year 1 Solid Earth Geophysics (part 1) Solid Earth Geophysics (part 2)
Acquisition and Processing of Seismic Data
Year 2 Thesis

     Compulsory course
     Restricted elective course
     Elective course

Restricted elective courses

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You are obliged to choose at least one of the courses from this list:

In addition, you must choose two courses from the list below. Please note that "Field and Methods Course in Geology-Geoscience" and "Project in Practice" count as two courses each: