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Water Resources

Meet former MSc Students

Sascha Müeller (Germany)

Sascha Müeller (Germany)

Groundwater flow to Lake Væng (Jutland, Denmark)and its effect on nutrient loading to the lake.

Lake Væng is a eutrophic lake located in mid-Jutland. Many years of lake restoration have not resulted in the anticipated improvement in lake ecology. Focus is now on if agriculture is the source of nutrient or if it is of geogenic origin. Read more >>

Kristian Knudsen

Kristian Knudsen (Denmark)

Effect of climate on groundwater exchange to and from Lake Hampen: A 3D groundwater-lake simulation study.

Lake Hampen is a clear-water lobelia lake located in mid-Jutland. However, the water quality has changed the last 10-20 years likely due to an increased input of nutrients. Focus is on understanding how climate affects the hydrology of this lake. Read more >>

Julian Koch (Germany)

Julian Koch (Germany)


Stochastic simulation of a heterogeneous glacial structure in the Norsminde catchment, Eastern Jutland.

The heterogeneity of the geological structure causes uncertainties in hydrogeological investigations of groundwater flow and contaminant transport. Stochastic simulation methods allow the generation of multiple realizations of the geology, all of them equally plausible.

The ensemble of realizations can be incorporated into a hydrogeological model to capture the uncertainties in e.g. simulated head distribution or particle transport caused by the heterogeneity of the geological structure. Read more >>