Water Resources Programme overview – University of Copenhagen

Water Resources - programme overview

The programme structure for the specialisation in Water Resources is shown below. You can choose a bachelor course as one of your elective courses (e.g. Hydrogeology, Hydrology, and Hydrogeological Field Course; these courses are taught in Danish, but will be given in English if there are foreign students). This is optional and depend on your background.

For semester students only we recommend to come September-January (Quarters I and II), where typical you follow the courses on "Water Resources (part 1)" and either "Climate Change and Water Resources" or "Integrated Hydrological Modeling using MIKE and SHE" in Quarter 1 and "Water Resources (part 2)" and "Groundwater Geochemistry" or "Water Resources Management" in Quarter 2.

Programme structure:

Master's thesis: 60 ECTS
Compulsory courses: 15 ECTS
Restricted elective courses: 30 ECTS
Elective courses: 15 ECTS

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Year 1 Water Resources (part 1) Water Resources (part 2)
Year 2 Thesis

     Compulsory course
     Restricted elective course
     Elective course

Restricted elective courses

Choose your restricted elective courses from the lists below. Click on each course for a detailed description.

You are obliged to choose courses worth at least 15 ECTS from this list:

Choose your remaining courses from this list: