Application procedure

Student writing

Before you apply to the master's degree programme in Global Development, please make sure to acquaint yourself with all the important information on the application procedure, application deadlines and details about how to apply.



* Please note that it has still not been determined whether British applicants will be charged application and tuition fees from the September 2021 intake.

Prioritisation of applicants

The programme accepts a maximum of 58 students in September 2021.

Selection criteria

If more applicants than the maximum intake fulfill the admission requirements, a selection will be made on the basis of a comprehensive evaluation, with emphasis on the following criteria:

  • We give a higher priority to students having personal international experience relating to global development (studying, working, volunteering abroad or in development programs).
  • We give a higher priority to Statements of purpose showing how the personal experience of candidates is relevant for our programme in Global Development.
  • Good grades achieved for bachelor courses relevant to the MSc in Global Development.
  • Priority is given to candidates with the most recent bachelor's degree. However, if your degree is only a few years old this will not disqualify you, especially if you have used the time to gain relevant experience related to global development. 


  • All documents must be in a “pdf format” or “docx format” only
  • Scanned documents should preferably be scanned on a flatbed scanner.
  • The total application must not exceed 50MB
  • Essential documents for a complete application:
    1. Personal Fact Sheet (find it here). This document summarizes the information given in the other documents.
      • This document should be saved and named as “0-Factsheet”
    2. Curriculum vitae (CV) and Statement of purpose (SOP). Your CV should contain information and experiences relevant to Global Development (kindly avoid any irrelevant information). Your Statement of purpose (SOP) of max 1 page should explain how your personal experience is relevant for our Master programme in Global Development
      • Your CV should be saved and named as “1a-CV-Yourname”
      • Your SOP should be saved and named as “1b-SOP-Yourname”
    3. Official transcript of record (if possible stating your GPA or mark average) and Bachelor Diploma (colour copy – if already completed)
      • These documents should be saved and named as “2-Transcript” or “2-Diploma”
      • If you have more than one transcript or diploma, number them as “2a-…” , “2b-…” etc.
      • If you have not yet completed your studies, please send the transcript of the exams that you have passed so far. You can send a copy of your diploma later on
      • We do not require diplomas from secondary schools (unless they serve as proof of English proficiency). We only need diplomas for Bachelor's or Master's degrees.
    4. Methodology Sheet describing (in max 1 page) your mastering of social scientific research methods.
      • This document should be saved and named as “3-Methods”
      • If the names of the courses do not explicitly refer to methods (i.e. are not containing words such as “method”, “research”, “statistics”, “interview techniques”, “fieldwork”, etc.), then you need to explain the kind of research method you have learned in each course.
      • Apart from the 1 page summarizing your methods course, and if you wish to clear any doubt about a course, you are welcome to add the official course description in this document (save these documents as “3-course description”).
    5. English language test results
      • This document should be saved and named as “4-English”
      • If you are exempted from a language test, or if you have not yet passed the test, then we require a document (max 10 lines) explaining the reasons for your exemption or the date of your expected results.
      • We do not want any other language test than for English

Do you have a master's degree?

If you already have a master's degree from Denmark or another country, you can, in principle, only be admitted to a new degree programme if there are places available on the programme for which you are applying for admission (the master's degree admission rule).

In exceptional cases, we may grant dispensation from the master’s degree admission rule.

Read more about the master's degree admission rule and the possibility of applying for dispensation here.