We use your documentation to evaluate whether you are qualified for admission to the MSc programme.

You need to upload all your documentation (except your official diploma) in the Application Portal when you create your application.

Attachments Required

Name document

Application Portal

Statement of purpose describing your motivation for the application.

Your statement of purpose must be 1 page (not more) covering your motivation for applying, relevance of your experience (e.g. internships, travels, student jobs, etc.), and a brief description of possible thesis work.


Statement of purpose

Official diploma and academic transcript from a completed Bachelor's degree.

Official academic transcript of results from the Bachelor's programme you are currently enrolled in.

Diploma and transcript


CV (maximum 2 pages)


Short description of methodology ECTS in BA (max ½ page). Many applicants have used quantitative/qualitative methods as part of their studies even though they have not taken a specific methodology course. Therefore each applicant is required to write short description of how the requirement of 15 ECTS of methodology is covered in his/her BA.


Overview of courses that you are currently enrolled in and that you expect to pass before the start of the Master’s programme.

Please do not upload full course descriptions and bibliography; neither from courses that you already have taken nor courses that you are currently taking. We do not use this information and it is very time consuming for us once uploaded

Current courses

Documentary proof of English language proficiency on par with the Danish secondary school ‘English B-level'. Language requirement

Short description of the university system from where you graduate(d) including:

  • the length/duration of your academic programme
  • the total amount of ECTS/credits/units required for graduation
  • the grading scheme and grade distribution guidance.
Grading scheme

Documentary proof of any completed exams or courses from a previous unfinished MSc programme

Completed MSc courses

Completed exams or courses from a previous unfinished MSc programme

If you have completed courses or exams from a previous unfinished MSc programme, you must to upload documentation of these results. We will use the documentation to evaluate whether you are eligible for mandatory credit transfer.

You are also obligated to inform us whether you have completed an MSc programme. Read more about the limitation on second degree.

If you have used data exchange

If you have used data exchange, we will import the information automatically.

If you have not used data exchange

If you have not used data exchange, please upload documentation, which can be either:

  • A copy or a scan of official transcripts or
  • Diplomas for all courses/exams completed on your former MSc Programme

If you do not have all the required documentation when applying

  • If you do not have all of the documentation ready when you submit your application, you need to upload a note (e.g. a pdf) indicating when you expect to have the documentation and upload it in place of the attachment.
  • You can only submit your application if you upload documents where you are requested to upload a document.

Anything missing with your application?

  • We assess whether your application is complete by looking through the required documentation. If anything is missing, we will send you a message in the Application portal and an e-mail notifying you a message has arrived.
  • Your deadline for uploading any missing documents will be 5 days from the time we contact you. So make sure you check your e-mail every day. Remember to check your spam filter too.

Verification of information

If we determine you have used falsified or misleading documentation in your application, we are obliged to report it to the police and to cancel your admission.

Get help with your application

The Student Advisory Service is ready to help you with your application.