Tuition fee and payment

If you hold a citizenship from outside EU/EEA/Switzerland, you are covered by the rules of tuition fee.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee for the MSc in Global Development per academic year:

DKK 75,000.00

Exemptions from payment of tuition fee

Please note that you are exempted from paying tuition fee if you:

  • hold a permanent residence permit in Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands)
  • hold a temporary residence permit “with a view to” or “with the possibility of” permanent residency in Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and your permit states: “mhp. varigt ophold” or “mmf. varigt ophold”
  • are “permanently residing” in one of the other Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland), cf. Article 1 of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Order No 54 of 17 June 1999 between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden regarding access to further education, provided you maintain your official residence in that country while enrolled at the University of Copenhagen*
  • hold a Danish residence permit granted on the grounds of family reunification (if the permanent residence is in Denmark)
  • have become an EU citizen pursuant to the Executive Order on Residence in Denmark for Aliens Falling within the Rules of the European Union (EU Residence Order)
  • hold a residence permit pursuant to section 9m of the Danish Aliens Act as the child of a parent who holds a residence permit pursuant to section 9a of the same act
  • hold a dual citizenship (EU/EEA + non-EU/EEA) and decide to enter Denmark as an EU/EEA citizen.

If based on your residence permit, you are exempted from paying tuition fee, you are obligated to inform the Faculty of any and all changes in relation to your residence permit, e.g if your residence permit is revoked or become invalid, or you are awarded a different type of residence permit than the one based on which you have been exempted from paying tuition, by sending an email to The Faculty will then consider anew whether or not you are able to be exempted from having to pay tuition for the remainder of your studies on the degree programme. 

If you wish to apply for an exemption of tuition fees, you must document your residential status by submitting a copy of your residence permit as well as a copy of your residence card.

*NOTE: the country, which issued your permanent residence permit, may revoke your permit if you leave the country to live somewhere else. It is your responsibility to research the consequences of your relocation to Denmark. If your permanent residence permit is revoked you will have to pay tuition fees like all other non-EU/EEA citizens.

Applicants with a temporary work permit in Denmark (e.g. Green Card) have to pay the tuition fee.

If you are unsure whether you must pay the tuition fee, please contact the MSc Admission Team at before the application deadline.

Payment deadlines

  • 1st academic year: You will receive an e-mail indicating the terms and deadline for payment of tuition around mid-May.
  • 2nd academic year: 31 August

Tuition refund policy

The deadline for getting a full tuition refund is 1 August. After 1 August, only a failed visa application will result in a full tuition refund.

Scholarships and loans

We have collected information about your opportunities concerning funding for your studies.