Admission and application







We receive more than 600 applications for the 60 places at Global Development and therefore we ask you to make sure that your degree qualifies before applying for admission. In case your degree does not qualify we kindly ask you not to apply as it will not be taken into consideration.

Degrees that qualify for admission are:

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Geoinformatics
  • Natural resources
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • Development Studies
  • Business studies/administration (however not pure marketing degrees)
  • International Relation 

or any combination of the above degrees

The above degrees only qualify if they contain at least 15 ECTS points of qualitative and/or quantitative social science methods. By social science methods we are referring to statistics, ethnography, econometrics, survey research, participant observation or the like.

Degrees that do not qualify for admission are:

  • Communication and Media studies (including business communication)
  • Journalism
  • Language studies
  • Psychology
  • Tourism studies
  • Art studies
  • Social Work
  • Science degrees (biology, chemistry, mathematics etc)
  • Engineering
  • Graphical Design
  • Public Relations
  • Pharmacy
  • Law

Please note that these degrees do not qualify regardless of relevant experience, letter of motivation etc. and will not be taken into consideration.

As a rule of thumb a degree based in the humanities does not qualify. These include History, Philosophy, Litterature, Cultural studies and Area studies (African Studies, Amerian Studies etc.). However, applicants whose humanities based degree contains half or more of ECTS/credits within the social sciences might be taken into consideration.

Please also note that we only accept BA degrees/BSc degrees from research based universities. This means that degrees such as Professionsbachelor/Top Up degrees from University Colleges (Metropol, Copenhagen Business Academy etc.) do not qualify for admission.

Read more about our Admission Requirements here


























You find the current weekly plan under Programme Structure.

Be aware that this is the current weekly plan (for the first semester) and it is therefore subject to change. It should however give you an indication of the structure.








It can be difficult for students to find a place to stay in Copenhagen. We recommend our students to start looking for a place as soon as they are admitted to Global Development as it may take a while to find housing.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is not able to provide housing or accommodation to its MSc degree students.

There are a lot of internet pages where housings are offered and requested. We recommend you to look at the various housing portals online. You can read more about housing in general here. We also recommend that you have a look at this article from The University Post to get an overview of the options.










The rules for Danish residence documents – including work permits – depend on your citizenship.

If you are offered admission to the MSc degree programme in Global development, the Faculty will send you elaborate information about how and when to apply for .

Read more about the rules for obtaining Danish residence permits here