Joseph Nana Kissi YamoahInterview with Joseph Nana Kissi Yamoah, Ghana

I’m Joseph, from Accra Ghana. I have a BA in Political Science and Geography and Resource Management from the University of Ghana.

What was the most difficult thing about starting the MSc in Global Development?

“The main challenge that I faced here, I think it was an internal struggle. In the beginning of the semester I lost this self-confidence this confidence I had back home. I don’t know how it happened. I just lost confidence, that maybe I couldn’t do this. No, no no, That this wasn’t me.  That maybe I should just pack my bags and get home.  And maybe this was also because I was missing home and this is the first time that I had been away, so, so far away from home. So I was like ‘Maybe I just can’t do this!’ But with time, I just told myself ‘Hey, I am one of the few lucky people to get on this programme which is really competitive and I am here and I can do this!’

I also found a lot of inspiration from my friends, from my colleagues. They were super helpful! They help me settle down and I realised that some people were extremely good in one area and if I needed help I could just go to them and ‘Hey I don’t understand this, can you help me out?’ And they were super helpful. In everything from me getting used to Denmark, to buying my first winter jacket, and everything, the little things. And especially the Danes. They were super helpful and all the classmates. So those were some people and the small Ghanaian community that I had here they also helped me settle down. They showed me areas where I can get some Ghanaian food. Which was like ‘Ah now I am finding my focus.’ And my church too, I have a Ghanaian church here that I attend. They were super helpful.”