Interview with Mathias Bruhn Lohmann, Denmark

I am from Copenhagen, Denmark. During my undergraduate I Mathias Bruhn Lohmannstudied Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen

1. Why did you choose to apply for the MSc in Global Development?

After three years of studying anthropology, I applied for the new MSc in Global Development because I was looking for new challenges. In order to understand the complex and interlinked challenges we face as a global society, I believe we need to utilize, to a much larger extent than we do today, the potential in interdisciplinary research approaches and cross sector development initiatives. I think this program is a great step in that direction - with a diverse and colorful group of students, and with teachers who’s level of ambition certainly seems to fit the complexity of the field.

2. How are you experiencing the cross-disciplinary aspect of the MSc in Global Development?

I have only had great experiences in cross-disciplinary settings. In voluntary work, student jobs and university assignments, I have always found it inspiring to work with and learn from people with different skills. Getting familiar with several new social science disciplines is quite a challenge, especially when everything runs on a master’s level right from the beginning. But this is where your fellow students come in handy, and I am confident that the rewards will be worth the effort. We are told that it’s all about believing in steep learning curves.

3. What is the best thing about studying at the MSc in Global Development?

The academic level is high and challenging. The international student group and the motivated teachers constitute an inspiring and motivating study environment. And the interdisciplinary approach provides you with a broad and deep understanding of the issues and trends in international development.

4. What’s it like to live in Copenhagen?

I am born and raised in Copenhagen - and even though it can’t compete with the natural beauty of Vancouver or the buzz of New York, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. It’s best in the summer, but cultural activities flourish the year round. And with a small city center everything from concert halls, to cafés and nightlife is right around the corner (on bike!).