Interview with Ran Zhao, China

I am from Beijing, China. I have a BA in Business English from Ran ZhaoTianjin University of Economics and Finance in China.

1. Why did you choose to apply for the MSc in Global Development?

I was active in voluntary programs and interested in development issues in my school years. After finishing my bachelor degree, I worked in a non-profit foundation in China for a year. This experience showed me that I’m most happy when helping or influencing people positively - and when I get to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, working in an international non-profit organization became my career goal.

I believe, that the economic analysis’s regarding the emerging markets combined with an understanding of culturally determined perceptions as well as understanding the perceptions of the developed countries and the developing ones - which I can acquire from this program - are very helpful for my career path. And the courses as well as the field works are very attractive to me.

2. How are you experiencing the cross-disciplinary aspect of the MSc in Global Development?

It’s both challenging and exciting. It’s not easy at the beginning. We have had to deal with comprehensive academic readings exceeding our own field. We are learning to use other academic methods than we are used to and try to think in new and cross-disciplinary ways.

3. What is the best thing about studying at the MSc in Global Development?

The best thing is that I can work with outstanding young people from very diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. We have know-hows in different disciplines, we have our own strengths and weaknesses. We are often inspired by each other when trying to solve problems together.

4. What’s it like to live in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a nice and peaceful city. I enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views here very much. People are always friendly and helpful. As an international student here, I can enjoy the same welfare, including free health care, as local people.

It’s also a fun place to live. There are so many cultural events such as art festivals, music festivals, concerts, etc. You’ll never get bored!