Elective Courses at the University of Copenhagen

The list is an indication of the possibilities at the University of Copenhagen; not all the courses are offered each term. Most courses are taught in English with a few exceptions only taught in Danish. You can find some of the courses in the course catalogue for the current semester.

Within anthropology:

  • Critical Political Anthropology: Sovereignty, Legitimacy and Transformations
  • Political Anthropology
  • Frictions, Flows and Critical Connections: South Asian Transformations in a Global Perspective
  • The Anthropology of Migration
  • People on the Move: Case Studies of Current Migration Phenomena, advanced course
  • Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Migration

Within sociology:

  • Globalisation and International Migration
  • Conflict and Peace Making in a Divided Society
  • Globalisation
  • Globalisation, Economic Crisis and Employment Relations in Europe

Within political science:

  • Global Environmental Politics
  • Conflicts in the Middle East
  • Soldier Identity, Military Culture and Complex Emergencies
  • War Memories and Reconciliation in East Asia
  • Order, Conflict and Violence
  • Global Public Policy and Global Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Private Regulation of Global Business
  • Democracy and Development
  • The Rise of the Rest: Global, Regional and National Perspectives on Rising Powers
  • Theories and Issues in International Political Economy
  • Bargaining and International Politics
  • International Relations and the Third World by Bjørn Møller
  • Security Studies: Approaches, Debates, Cases
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction – Perpetual Peace or Apocalypse Now?

Within economics:

  • Advanced Development Economics – Micro Aspects
  • International Economics
  • Advanced Development Economics – Macro Aspects
  • International Trade and Investment

Within geography:

  • Globalisation and Dynamics in Global Value Chains
  • Rural-urban Connections in the Global South
  • Rural Livelihoods, Vulnerability and Adaptation
  • Production and Regulation of Landscapes: Globalisation and Local Strategies
  • International Migration
  • Environment, Society and Development

Within food and resource economics and nutrition:

  • Agricultural and Food Policy
  • Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries
  • Property Matters
  • Tropical Forests, People and Policies
  • Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resources Governance
  • Studies in Development Economics
  • The Economics of Globalisation
  • Global Environmental Governance
  • International Nutrition and Health

Within African studies:Young Africans

  • Nature, Population and Society in Africa
  • Economic Development in Africa
  • Urban Africa – the 21st Century African City
  • Non-state Social Order: The State and its ‘Outside in Practices of State-building
  • NGOs, Civil Society and Development in Africa