Elective Courses at the University of Copenhagen

At their third semester many students chose to specialize within a field. In the following you find examples of courses within various thematic areas.

Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
Environment, Society and Development
Political Ecology 
Geopolitics of Climate Change

Urban Ecosystems: Structures, Functions and Designs
The Dynamics of City Regions: Social and Economic Change
Transformation of Cities and Landscapes: Globalisation and Local Strategies
Conflict Analysis and Negotiation Design
Theories of Urban Design

Those who have and those who dont - Critical citizenship studies, migration and democracy
Migration, Cultural Diversity, and Gender
Ethnographic Approaches to Migration Issues in Scandinavia
Migration, Refugees and citizenship in a Globalized World

Humanitarian aid
Preparedness and Response to Humanitarian Crisis
Disaster Recovery Planning and Development
Disaster Risk Management - From Theory to Practice
Health in Emergencies and Refugee Health

There are of course many other courses to chose from. The following list is an indication of the possibilities; not all the courses are offered each term.  You can find many more courses in the course catalogue for the current semester.

Within anthropology:

  • Anthropology of the nation – bordermaking in everyday life
  • Digital identities
  • Economic Anthropology
  • Ethnographic approaches to migration issues in Scandinavia
  • Medical Anthropology, advanced course

Within sociology:

  • Gender, sexuality and social class
  • Authoritarian Regimes and Contentious Politics
  • From Proletariat to Precariat: The working class in a Global World
  • Issues in International Development
  • Those who have and those who dont - Critical Citizenship Studies, Migration and Democracy
  • Demographic Analysis for Social Scientists
  • Sociology in the age of Big Data
  • Problematization Analysis: How and Why something is and became a Social Problem
  • Applied Multilevel Analysis: Immigrant Integration and Xenophobia
  • Re-tooling Social Analysis: Behaviors, Networks, Ideas in the digital age

Within political science:

  • Trust and distrust in International Relations
  • The international community in fragile states - doctrine, experience, critique
  • Politics of Crisis and Austerity
  • Ethnography and Political Science

Within economics:

  • Advanced Development Economics - Macro Asp.
  • Advanced Macro Structural VAR
  • Advanced Microeconometrics
  • Advanced Macro Business Cycles
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Contract Theory
  • Corporate Finance and Incentive
  • Corporate Finance Theory
  • Economics of the Environment,
  • Family Economics
  • Financial Econometrics A
  • Health Economic Evaluations
  • Health Economics
  • Macroeconomics III
  • Microeconomics III
  • Monetary Policy
  • Political Economics
  • Public Finance
  • Science of Behavior Change

Within geography:

  • Globalisation and Dynamics in Global Value Chains
  • Rural-urban Connections in the Global South
  • Rural Livelihoods, Vulnerability and Adaptation
  • Production and Regulation of Landscapes: Globalisation and Local Strategies
  • International Migration
  • Environment, Society and Development
  • Land Use Transitions in the Global South

Within food and resource economics and nutrition:

  • Agricultural and Food Policy
  • Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries
  • Property Matters
  • Tropical Forests, People and Policies
  • Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resources Governance
  • Studies in Development Economics
  • The Economics of Globalisation
  • Global Environmental Governance
  • International Nutrition and Health
  • Ethics, Environment and Society
  • Environmental Justice
  • Advanced International Trade
  • Applied Econometrics

Within African studies:Young Africans

  • Nature, Population and Society in Africa
  • Economic Development in Africa
  • Urban Africa – the 21st Century African City
  • Non-state Social Order: The State and its ‘Outside in Practices of State-building
  • NGOs, Civil Society and Development in Africa