Colourful spicesAs an MSc in Global Development student, you have the opportunity to do an internship as part of your programme. The internship may take up 15, 22,5 or 30 ECTS of your third semester of studies. To set up an internship, you must design a protocol and plan for the internship, which must then be accepted by your supervisor as well as by the host company/organisation/institution and/or local authority.

An internship has several mandatory components:

  • a work plan developed prior to commencing the internship
  • working under supervision in the field, in an office or in an archive with a project or programme related to global development

Furthermore, milestones for skills and specific competencies may be used, depending on position, placement and project.

Examples of internships
Marie Knakkergaard, Internship at Enlightened Myanmar Research in Myanmar
Martin Müller, Internship at International Centre for Mountain Development in Nepal
Caroline Emma Troen, Internship at the Danish Embassy in South Africa

Internships all over the world

Our students are doing internships all over the world and in all types of organizations and companies. On this map you can see the location as well as host organization for some of the current and previous internships at Global Development.

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