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Admission requirements

Admission to the master’s degree programme in Human Biology requires as a minimum successful completion of a qualifying and recognised university degree equivalent in level and content to a Danish bachelor’s degree.

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a bachelor’s programme you are eligible to apply for admission to the master’s degree programme in Human Biology.

You are required to document proficiency in English according to your background; see the language requirements.

Bachelor's degrees that automatically fulfil the academic admission requirements

There are no bachelor’s degrees that automatically fulfil the academic admission requirements for the master’s programme in Human Biology.

Other bachelor's degrees

To be admitted to the programme, you must hold a recent and relevant bachelor’s degree and meet the language requirements.

Academic admission requirements

You must hold a bachelor’s degree in medicine, odontology, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, exercise and sport sciences or a corresponding bachelor’s degree within the field of health sciences or natural sciences.

You must also provide documentation that your bachelor's degree has been passed with a weighted average of 7 or above (Danish marking scale).

Graduation year requirement

You must have earned your bachelor’s degree within a maximum of 5 years prior to the start of the first semester of the master’s programme, e.g. for the intake in the autumn of 2018, you must have graduated by September 2013 or thereafter.