Testimonials from students

"Predicting a career path is a challenge with so many exciting paths to choose from in the field of nutrition"

Julie, MSc graduate from Human Nutrition

"Society’s current focus on nutrition and health provides us, as MSc graduates in Human Nutrition, with numerous career opportunities”

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"Studying to fight malnutrition in children"

Edward Buzigi, international MSc student at Human Nutrition

"Edward Buzigi, 30, from Kampala in Uganda, was already a medical doctor when he arrived in Copenhagen. In that capacity, he has seen lots of malnourished children. The wish to help these children is his prime motivation to follow the MSc programme in Human Nutrition. 

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Don't wait - be proactive

Per Brændgaard Mikkelsen is a consultant, communicator and teacher within the field of human nutrition. He is self-employed and treasures his job.

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