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Profile and Career - Immunology and Inflammation


The MSc in Immunology and Inflammation is a theoretical and experimental Master of Science programme within the natural and health sciences. It qualifies you to find solutions as well as design new therapy strategies to combat human diseases.

As an immunologist you will get a highly specialized knowledge of and competences within immunology, autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases, allergies, tumour immunology, and related topics such as immune-pathology, -toxicology, -pharmacology, -therapy, and translational medicine.

Moreover, the MSc in Immunology and Inflammation focus on methodologies and newly developed in vitro and in vivo models. This will complement you with practical skills for a better and faster integration in your future employment within immunological research.

During the programme you will acquire knowledge, skills, and competences enabling you to work in the field of immunology. In addition to this, you will acquire a number of individual qualifications through taking elective courses, and producing a Master’s thesis based on experimental laboratory work.

Read more about the specific knowledge, skills and competences you will acquire with an MSc in Immunology and Inflammation.

Career Opportunities

With a degree in Immunology and Inflammation you have a wide range of career opportunities. You can work within the medical and pharmaceutical industries, at hospitals, within research or education.