Profile and career

The MSc in Science in Information Science and Cultural Communication programme is a 2-year full-time postgraduate programme for those with a degree in LIS or an equivalent background. The programme leads to the award of the qualification of MLISc.

With the international MSc degree you receive a certificate stating that you have been enrolled at an international master's degree at UCPH.

Specialists in information and knowledge

Information and knowledge are increasingly vital resources for the development and success of businesses and other organisations. Modern information technology is creating whole new ways of managing and utilising these resources but is also creating a need for particularly highly qualified and professional staff. This programme provides:

  • A theoretical and general insight into information and knowledge production
  • An insight into how to analyse and manage the information resources of a business or other organisation
  • An insight into how to produce information policy and a strategy for putting it into practice
  • An insight into project management and other forms of management
  • An insight into how to plan, run and evaluate information systems in practice

Working methods

This is a full-time study programme running for two years, with each of its four parts lasting for one semester. It features an extensive and demanding curriculum. Applicants must have a thorough knowledge of modern information and communication technology and be able to make active and independent use of relevant software during the programme.

The programme involves between 6 and 8 hours of classes each week, with the rest of the time being set aside for preparation and independent study.

Career opportunities

The programme does not target a specific profession and its graduates are taken on by companies and institutions of all kinds to fill many different types of position: information specialist, system consultant, webmaster, library consultant, researcher, IT consultant, tutor or a senior post in the library sector or a corporate information department.

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