Study Abroad

You have several opportunities of internationalizing your education and thereby obtaining expertise relevant at the competetive job market.

The department has more than 16 exchange agreements in USA, Asia and Europe, so there are good opportunities to spend a semester abroad.

The best time to travel is on the 5th semester at undergraduate level or during one of the modules at postgraduate level. As a fulldegree student, the exchange semester can replace a semester at UCPH. You apply for a credit transfer when you have finished your studies or internship abroad and have returned to UCPH. it is possible to take grants and student loans with you overseas.

Before you get started on the practical things, it is important to keep in mind that a stay abroad is first and foremost an excellent and exciting opportunity to:

  • Supplement your education with courses in your area of interest, thus creating a more distinct profile
  • Get an idea about other academic fields
  • Experience a different learning environment and find new inspiration for your further studies
  • Experience a new culture and a new language
  • Test your limits and expand your horizons
  • Develop an international network