Master of Science (MSc) in Innovation Management (the programme takes place in China)

Innovation is seen as the driver for future competitiveness and sustainability for companies, institutions and organisations of all sizes. The globalisation and the increased pressure from competitors all over the world ushers in the need for companies to have an enhanced capability of translating current - as well as future - needs for customers into new processes, products and services.

The Master’s Degree program in Innovation Management takes place in China, is offered in English and yields a double degree from Aalborg University and the Chinese university University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) as part of the transnational cooperation between China and Denmark, Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC).

The programme combines the following disciplines, providing the graduate with competences on:

  • How innovation systems work, including innovation policies in a global context
  • How to analyse the need for different activities that can enhance the innovation capabilities of companies and organisations
  • How to formulate strategies/policies at company/macro level, including the execution of initiatives for innovation