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Students of IT and Cognition experience an inspiring international study environment with much support from senior fellow students (tutors) and staff members (supervisors). Since most teaching takes place at the Southern Campus of University of Copenhagen (known as Søndre Campus), most study facilities are located here and are provided by The Department of Nordic Research.

Social events include evening guest lectures, group excursions, and holiday dinners.

Study Facilities

The students are offered a number of student facilities at the Faculty of Humanities and the departments.

Student on the computerLibrary

The Royal Library offers study places and the librarians will be happy to help you find the texts and books you are looking for.
The library also organizes public debates, occasional poetry readings and author talks.

Student cafés

Students talking

Most departments at the faculty have a student café run by student volunteers. The cafés offer a cosy environment where you can meet fellow students, read newspapers play board games and buy coffee and snacks. 

IT and Cognition Guest Lectures

The IT and Cognition Guest Lectures serve an academic purpose, as well as a social purpose. Speakers are researchers in related fields or interesting industry partners, and the lectures are typically in the evening. The tradition is to go for a drink by the water front afterwards.