Profile and Career

The MSc programme in Landscape Architecture combines creative disciplines and scientific knowledge with an understanding of society.

As a landscape architect and urban planner, you work with designing anything from local beach parks, harbour transformations and green urban areas to overall landscape planning.

You know the conditions governing the development and structure of the cities and regions and are able to plan, design and manage parks and green areas.

You work analytically and creatively to create unique architecture and perfect solutions for urban and rural areas, resulting in stimulating, well-functioning and sustainable surroundings for people in the future.

Competence Description

As a graduate from the MSc programme in Landscape Architecture, you will also have the competences, for example, to:

  • Propose hypotheses and analyse, programme and plan the development of green spaces
  • Evaluate the quality of landscape architecture projects – both your own and those of others
  • Take a spatial, social and artistic approach in a variety of contexts

Career opportunities

As a landscape architect and urban planner, you have many exciting career opportunities. You can, for example, work with developing specific plans for new urban spaces and areas, harbour transformations etc. at a private architectural firm.

Or you can work in the public sector as, for example, nature manager, parks officer or city planner in charge of developing parks and green areas.

Many landscape architects and urban planners also start their own business, where they handle development, design and management tasks for private individuals, companies and public authorities.

Finally, quite a few landscape architects and urban planners work within communication, research or teaching.