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Admission requirements

Admission to a master’s degree programme in law requires as a minimum successful completion of a qualifying and recognised university degree equivalent in level and content to a Danish bachelor’s degree.

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a bachelor programme, you are eligible to apply for the master’s degree programme in law.

You are required to document proficiency in English according to your background: see the language requirements.

Bachelor's degrees that automatically fulfill the academic admission requirements

If you hold one of the degrees listed below, you meet all academic admission requirements and have direct access to apply to the master’s degree programme in law.

  • Bachelor of Laws from the University of Copenhagen (including legal right of admission)
  • Bachelor of Laws from Unviersity of Southern Denmark
  • Bachelor of Laws from Aarhus University
  • Bachelor of Laws from Aalborg University

Please note that if you are admitted on the basis of one of the above degrees, you will automatically be enrolled in the Danish language Master of Laws programme.

Bachelor's degree with legal right of admission

If you have a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen, you are guaranteed a place on the master's programme if you apply before the application deadline during the first application period after you complete your bachelor's degree. Read more about applying with legal right of admission. (in Danish only)

Other bachelor's degrees

To be admitted to the programme, you must hold a recent and relevant bachelor’s degree and meet the language requirements.

Academic requirement

Applicants must meet academic requirements equal to a bachelor’s degree in law. The Faculty of Law’s Assessment Committee will assess each applicant to determine whether they meet the academic requirements for admission to the Master of Laws programme. The assessment of your academic qualifications is done solely on the basis of your bachelor’s degree.

Admission restrictions

The Master of Laws programme has a limited number of places. If there are more applicants than available places, applicants will be prioritised based on several criteria. Read more about prioritisation of applicants.

Have you previously completed a master's degree in Denmark?

If you have previously completed a Danish master’s degree, you must wait six years before you can enrol in a new master’s programme. Read more about restrictions on multiple degrees.