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Profile and Career


With a Master’s degree in law you are able to apply legal methodology at a specialized level within complex parts of the legal system. This means that you are able to identify, analyze and solve theoretical and practical legal issues in a systematic way.

During your Master education you will:

  • Gain recent and relevant knowledge on national and international law via legal information search, sources of law and scientific literature
  • Understand Danish law and the position of legal science in an international context
  • Apply legal methodology to identify and analyze complex legal scientific issues at a specialized level
  • Make qualified legal decisions as well as reflect critically on ethical and moral perspectives of rulings
  • Advice on legal issues in consideration of political, financial and social conditions
  • Plan, control and handle complex work processes


A Master’s degree in law gains access to a wide range of exciting job opportunities. You can become a legal adviser or consultant within the public administration or take on a variety of jobs in businesses or private organizations – nationally as well as internationally.

Practising in Denmark

As a main rule you must have a Danish master’s degree in law in order to become a lawyer ("Advokat") in Denmark. If you have studied law outside Denmark, there are certain steps you need to take in order to qualify as a lawyer in Denmark. Read more about practising in Denmark as a lawyer (external link)

With a Master’s degree in law you can also apply for the 3-year Ph.D. Programme and pursue an academic career.

Read about the programme structure.