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Studying at the Faculty of Law

Student life at jura

The study environment at jura consists of a wide range of initiatives. One of the most important is your own contribution! Without active student participation and commitment, there is no living study environment.

Social communities

Law students are a diverse crowd. This is also reflected in a wide range of student organisations, driven by committed students. These organise evening debates, company visits, parties, dinners and seminars. Find the student organisation that suits you.

A group of students are also the initiators behind the faculty's café ParaKaffen. It is located in an area of more than 300 m2, which is designed on the basis of students' needs and wishes for a good study environment. Here you can drink coffee with your fellow students or meet with them at one of the many social and academic events.

Academic communities

At the Faculty of Law, we have an ambition to continuously develop our education to ensure relevance and innovation. This development also take place in collaboration with the students. You can choose to give your input by getting involved in one of the faculty's numerous councils, boards and committees. You'll learn more about them, if you start on the programme.

As a student, you can - in addition to the teaching - also participate in a wide range of free academic seminars, that the faculty's research centres organise. Keep updated via the faculty's calendar.
You can also keep yourself updated on academic matters with the research centres' news, tweets, breakfast and lunch seminars. Investigate which centre, conducts research in the area that interests you most and keep yourself updated, for example, by subscribing to their newsletter via their own front page. Overview of the faculty centres and research groups.

Together at the faculty

The Faculty of Law has been housed on South Campus by Islands Brygge Metro Station since early 2017. The faculty shares the campus with the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Theology. In the faculty's building, there is also an office community for entrepreneurs. You can consider collaboration with them when writing your master's thesis or planning an academic internship in the course of your degree programme.

South Campus was built with teaching and research in mind. All the teaching rooms are furnished with a view to supporting study group work and around the building you will find different types of study spaces, depending on whether you are meeting with your study group or immersing yourself in the academic material.

The knowledge centre is located centrally in the building. Here you can find the study spaces, the faculty’s book collection and more than 100 study spaces for master thesis students. In the cafeteria, where both students and employees eat, you can enjoy your lunch, or you can grab a well-deserved break on one of the roof terraces.

The faculty's position on South Campus - central, right by Islands Brygge Metro