Citizens of non-EU/EEA and non-Nordic countries 

If you are not a citizen in the EU/EEA or in a Nordic country, you need a residence permit to study in Denmark.

Along with your 'Letter of Admission' from the University of Copenhagen, you will receive an application form called ST1 as well as instruction on how to apply for the residence permit. When these documents are in place, you are ready to apply for a residence permit.

The application

The application process for a residence permit usually takes a considerable length of time (2 months). You ought to send your application immediately when you receive your Letter of Admission and the ST1.

New to Denmark on how to apply when you have been admitted to a higher educational programme.

You can also contact the Danish consulate or embassy in your country, or affiliated with your country, for information on how to apply for the residence permit. Usually, the relevant information is available on the consulate/embassy's website. Find a consulate or embassy near you at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.