Change of study programme, transfer or re-admission

If you have previously been enrolled on an MSc programme, you should check if you need to apply for ordinary admission or if you need to apply for re-admission, change of study programme or transfer.

Ordinary admission

If you have passed less than what corresponds to the first year of studies at the MSc Programme you want to apply for and are no longer enrolled on the programme, you need to apply for admission.

If you have passed exams corresponding to the first year of studies at the MSc programme you want to apply for, you still need to apply for admission, if you have passed exams as:

• Part of a part-time programme (including single subjects) • Part of a programme at an educational institution outside Denmark. • A full-time student at another Danish MSc programme, where you are no longer enrolled.

When you apply for admission you apply to start over on the programme. If you apply for admission at the same programme you have previously studied and if you have withdrawn from the programme yourself, you need to withdraw 1 April the latest to be admitted the same year with start 1 September.

If you have previously studied the same MSc programme, the status on your passed exams, exam attempts and study activity requirements will take effect again.

Please note you are required to apply for credit transfer if you have any previously finished courses at an MSc programme. This means that you need to send documentation for all your completed courses from previous uncompleted higher education at the same level.

Change of study programme