International bachelor's degree – University of Copenhagen

International bachelor's degree

As a citizen within the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you can apply for admission based on a relevant bachelor’s degree or another relevant degree at the same educational level.

Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis by the admission committee after the application deadline. Solely the admission committee can determine if an applicant is qualified for admission by conducting a holistic evaluation of your application. This means that you are required to apply for admission in order to receive an assessment of your qualifications for a specific programme. 

Application fee

The admission process is free of charge for citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland.

Tuition fees

As a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you do not have to pay tuition fees.

When to apply

  • The application portal opens: 1 January
  • Application deadline: 1 March

How to apply

Know the admission and language requirements

In general, admission to a master's degree programme requires successful completion of a relevant and recognised university degree equivalent to a Danish bachelor's degree in length and level (180 ECTS).

You are required to meet specific requirements for the study programme, including language requirements. Since the study programme is taught in English, there is an English language requirement for admission.

Read about the admission and language requirements before you apply for admission.

Collect documentation for your application

In order to apply for admission, you need to create an application at the application portal and upload relevant documentation. The University of Copenhagen only accepts applications submitted via the application portal.

See the list of documentation you need to upload when you apply for admission.

Apply for admission in the application portal

The application portal opens: 1 January
Application deadline: 1 March

You can submit 3 applications for UCPH

Please note that you may submit a maximum of 3 applications to UCPH study programmes with the same study start.

Follow your application

Once you have applied for admission, you can check the status of your application in the application portal. When you receive a message in the application portal, you will receive an email to the e-mail address you have registered with your application.

Tips for the application portal

  • Use Firefox or Goggle Chrome as your browser when creating and submitting your application.
  • Check the the application portal user guide and FAQ while you fill out your application.
  • Contact Service desk if you have technical problems.

Check the result of your application

You can expect to have the result of the assessment within 4 to 8 weeks after the application deadline, and no later than 10 June. 

The result of the assessment will be sent in a message via the application portal, so please make sure to log in and check your e-mail regularly.

Accept or decline the offer of admission

If you have received an offer of admission, you are required to either accept or decline the offer. If you do not accept the offer before the deadline stated in your admission letter, you risk giving up your place in the study programme. Therefore, it is important to check the status of your application regularly in the application portal.