Profile and Career

During the two-year MSc programme in Molecular Biomedicine, the main focus will be on your independent laboratory work with a research project that runs for the entire duration of the programme. This project gives you extensive knowledge on a particular field of experimentally based molecular biomedicine. The project also enables you to plan, execute and document laboratory experiments and to present the results in a professionally stringent way, both orally and in writing.

In addition to your research project, you have to follow both compulsory and elective courses. The courses are running in parallel with the laboratory project, and they extend your knowledge within molecular biology, pathophysiology, protein chemistry and cell biology. Upon completion of the course programme, you will have the necessary background for stringent, scientific analysis of your own and others' experimental work.

Career Opportunities

Our goal is to ensure that our graduates can participate as fully-fledged members of international biomedical research teams, and have the best possible training to continue with Phd studies at world-leading universities and laboratories. Thus, our graduates are also particularly well suited for jobs in in the biomedical industry, at hospitals and other research environments.