Profile and Career

MSc in Nanoscience and Technology is a new graduate programme, and the first of its kind in China. It is an interdisciplinary and research-based programme with a focus on theoretical, experimental and practical subjects.

The programme provides students with skills and abilities to handle concepts and methods within the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Furthermore, it provides basic knowledge of business innovation and entrepreneurship.

The students in the Nanoscience and Technology programme will be recruited from many different BSc fields such as physics, chemistry, biology and nanoscience. A Nanoscience and Technology student will, however, obtain an interdisciplinary and thorough knowledge of the research methodology. This allows the student to work in projects that often involve colleagues from other disciplines.

The student in Nanoscience and Technology could serve as a link between specialists, e.g. in physics and biology, and communicate technical and conceptual issues across disciplines. A Nanoscience and Technology student in particular has an eye for new and unconventional applications of scientific techniques and methods.

This programme offers a unique opportunity to become a first-mover in China. In addition to the scientific education, the two years in China will also provide Chinese language skills, an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and society plus a chance to develop a network in China.

All together a profile highly valued worldwide.

University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) offer the programme in close cooperation with Aarhus University (AU). The programme takes place in Beijing, China.

Career Opportunities

With an MSc degree in Nanoscience and Technology you will gain academic skills that allow you to work in various areas such as:

  • High-tech companies
  • Chemical plants
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Medicine
  • Materials Research
  • Food industry
  • Research Institutions

In addition to being able to work as a link between different professions, you will also have the advantage of knowing Chinese culture, traditions and language. This enables you to function as a bridging link between Danish and Chinese companies.