Student Life

High quality education in English, a flexible study structure, world leading facilities and an international study environment, and the opportunity to experience life in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. These are some of the advantages about studying Neuroscience at The Faculty of Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen. 

The university (UCPH) has four campus areas in Copenhagen. The Neuroscience programme is based at North Campus in the vibrant area of Nørrebro. 

Roughly 8,000 students including many international students are engaged in the Faculty’s BSc’s and MSc’s. 

Students live in residence halls outside campus or share a flat in the Copenhagen area. It is easy to go to or move between the different campus areas. The relatively small size of Copenhagen makes it easy to get around, even by bike. The safe atmosphere, the well-developed infrastructure, the low level of pollution and the many cultural events all contribute to making Copenhagen one of the most liveable cities in the world. 

Finding Housing

Finding housing in Copenhagen can be tricky so you may wish to make use of some our tips on how to get started: