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Programme Structure

The two-year MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences is based on compulsory and elective courses and a final thesis. All courses are taught in English.

You can choose to specialise in one of 3 tracks that are connected to the various phases of the drug development process:

Year 1 Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Drug Discovery and Development Pharmaceutics and Drug Development Line I + III: Pharmacology: From Physiology to Therapy Line I: Advances in Medicinal Chemistry Research
Line I + II: Medicinal and Biostructural Chemistry Line II: Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Line II: Research Project in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
Principles of Pharmacology Line III: Methods and Procedures in Clinical Drug Development Line I + II + III: Elective modules Line III: Contemporary Social Pharmacy
Line I + II + III: Elective modules Line I + II + III: Elective modules

Year 2 Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Elective modules, exams and master’s thesis

Once you have selected your track, you will be able to ‘weave’ courses from the other two tracks into your study plan as electives. That will allow you to gain a multifaceted picture of the pharmaceutical sciences. The flexibility in choice of electives gives you the opportunity to form a programme that is highly focused but also one with a broader palette. 

The first semester of all 3 programme tracks starts with courses in Drug Discovery and Development, Pharmaceutics and Drug Development and Principles of Pharmacology. These three courses form a common scientific basis regardless of which track you have chosen. You will then take three compulsory courses specific to your track which, together with further specialisation through elective courses and theses, will give you a definitive scientific profile.

At the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and abroad

As an MSc student in Pharmaceutical Sciences, you will spend much of your time at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences on the North Campus of UCPH where you will become part of the unique, prizewinning study environment.

For some semesters it will be possible for you to take courses at other UCPH faculties or other universities in Denmark and abroad. There are also good opportunities available for you to write your thesis in industry in Denmark or abroad.