Track III: Medicines and Society

Medicines have enormous impact on the people and societies that use them. Before new medicinal compounds can be approved for the Danish market, their efficacy and safety must be documented in clinical trials. Both patients and society have an interest in getting the most effective, safest and cheapest drugs from manufacturers to users. Next, the optimal use of the drugs is essential in order to avoid overuse, misuse or other irrational use. Information and communication are vital factors here. 

Professional profiles

The Medicines and Society track provides the opportunity for various professional profiles, such as:

1. Clinical Development

Within clinical development you focus on investigating under controlled conditions the effect of drugs on healthy research subjects and on groups of patients. The controlled clinical trial is the gold standard for this process and provides the basic documentation for the efficacy and adverse effect profile of a drug. 

2. Regulatory Affairs

You focus on setting registration strategies as well as on guiding and coordinating drug development. The regulatory authorities set stringent requirements to the efficacy and quality of medicines, and before a new medicinal product is approved, companies must document that their product meets these many requirements. Regulatory Affairs is responsible for submitting documentation and for the communication between the authorities and companies. 

3. Social Pharmacy

Social pharmacy focuses on the position of medicines in society, with regard to use, economy and healthcare policy. The perspectives of both patients and of the healthcare services on the use of drugs are central. Key topics are marketing, economics, distribution, communication, compliance (the extent to which patients follow the instructions given), monitoring (control and supervision), and the individualization of drug use. 

Examples of electives:


Study plan

Year 1 Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Drug Discovery and Development Pharmaceutics and Drug Development

Pharmacology: From Physiology to Therapy

Social Pharmacy

Principles of Pharmacology Clinical Drug Development Elective Course
Year 2 Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Elective Course Elective Course Master Thesis

Course information

University of Copenhagen course catalogue - MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences


Each of the 3 tracks has supervisors with their own area of expertise attached to the programme. In the Medicines and Society area, Professor Lona Christrup, associate professor Lene Jørgensen and Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong, associate professor, will help you to put together a sharp academic profile of compulsory and elective courses.

Lona is responsible for specialisation in clinical development, Sofia for social pharmacy and Lene for regulatory affairs. They can help you decide which elective courses will serve your interests best. Thanks to their professional networks, they will be able to advise you on thesis opportunities in the drug industry in Denmark as well as internationally.