Geophysics: Study Track - Climate Dynamics

The Climate Dynamics study track forms part of the Geophysics specialisation. You can also design your own study track by choosing elective or restricted elective courses other than the ones proposed here.

The Earth climate system is a complex dynamical system that interacts with the biosphere and the solid Earth. In the climate dynamics study track, you will study the physical and dynamical processes of the atmosphere and the ocean as well as interactions with the carbon cycle, the cryosphere, and Earth’s climate evolution. You will use numerical models for e.g. weather prediction, ocean circulation and coupled processes in the Earth system. You will develop skills within numerical modelling and simulation that are useful for climate prediction, paleoclimatic studies, and studies of dynamical systems in general.

In the table below, you can find the elective and restricted elective subjects which we propose you take to focus your specialisation on Climate Dynamics: 

* This courses is given every second year.