Geophysics: Study Track - Geophysics

The Geophysics study track forms part of the Geophysics specialisation. You can also design your own study track by choosing elective or restricted elective courses other than the ones proposed here.

We have decided to propose only one study track in the field of geophysics. This study track, however, allows you to choose courses or projects that provide you with specific knowledge in different areas of geophysics, including meteorology, solid earth physics, climate physics and oceanography.

In the table below, you can find the elective and restricted elective subjects which we propose you take to focus your specialisation on geophysics:


     Compulsory course
     Restricted elective / elective course / thesis

* This course is offered on the MSc programme in Climate Change. It can be chosen as an elective course. Please note that you can only choose two elective courses in total.

** These two courses are given every second year, alternating.