Study Track - Condensed Matter Experiments

The Condensed Matter Experiments study track forms part of the Quantum Physics specialisation. You can also design your own study track by choosing elective or restricted elective courses other than the ones proposed here.

Material properties at microscopic and macroscopic levels are closely connected, and physics plays a key role in understanding this connection. The physics of solids can be studied in both laboratories and large-scale research facilities, for instance by using high-energy X-rays or neutrons.

In the table below, you can find the elective and restricted elective courses which we propose you take to focus your specialisation on condensed matter experiments: 

One block each year equals nine weeks of study and 15 ECTS.

* This is a B.Sc. course. If you have not had an equivalent course in your BSc programme you should follow it here as an elective course.
** Only relevant if you followed Condensed Matter Theory 1 or an equivalent course e.g., in your BSc programme.