The Physics Students’ Council

The Physics Students’ Council is a student politics organisation composed of all University of Copenhagen enrolled physics students.

All are invited to attend the Students’ Council’s weekly meetings, held at 17.15 in│RUM│((DS.01) in the D-building of the H.C. Ørsted Institute), where the day’s agenda is discussed over cake.

The Students’ Council’s primary task is to represent the interests of physics students in various councils and boards, including the board of studies, department council and teaching committee. In doing so, the council is able to influence your place of study and student life. Councils and board members are democratically nominated and elected during the Students’ Council’s biannual general assemblies. Council meeting participation allows your views to become known and thereafter communicated onwards by council representatives.

The Physics Students’ Council also engages in student life. For example, the council organizes an annual Christmas lunch for all students and some staff. The council is also responsible for Physics* (Physics Stars) lectures, in which physics graduates return to discuss their careers.