Student associations at the Niels Bohr Institute

The Astrophysics, Biophysics and Geophysics student associations organise shared events, including trips to cabins, an annual barbecue and interdisciplinary physics presentations.

Astronomy Students Association (Astronomisk studenterforening - ASF)

ASF has two telescopes at its disposal used for a variety of observation events, including the annual AstroTour. Indoor activities include film nights, a Christmas lunch and inspiring presentations throughout the year.

The association is an ideal opportunity to become better acquainted with other areas of astrophysics, among other students and NBI staff.

Biophysics Student Association (Biofysisk Studenterforening - BSF)

BSF is situated in the basement of NBI’s K-building. While it may be a bit tough to find, once you do, you will have discovered a great academic and social community where knowledge and coffee are shared, student friendly awards are presented, and where coziness (“hygge”) reigns. There are also various events such as researcher presentations, scientific discussions, cakes, parties and heaps of priceless networking opportunity.

All are welcome, so drop in to our next event, come down with a friend for some table football and keep up to date via our Facebook group:

Geophysics Students Association (Geofysisk Studenter Forening - GSF)

GSF is an association for students interested in geophysics and/or meteorology who want to socialize with other UCPH students from across all years of study. The association provides an opportunity to meet and network with other geophysicists and meteorologists. GSF is located in the basement, beneath the Rockefeller complex canteen. There is table football, dartboard and place to warm your lunch.

The association organises student events, including academic lectures for all class years, twice or three times a year. During these evenings, two speakers discuss their field within geophysics, whether it has to do with the Earth, its atmosphere, oceans, or arctic areas or even other planets. We also have an annual Christmas lunch to which both students and staff are invited, as well as a welcome lunch for incoming years of geophysicists and meteorologists.

GSF has monthly meetings noted by their informal and relaxed atmosphere. Anyone interested is heartily welcome to attend. Meetings are announced via mail, so if you would like to be on the mailing list, please send an e-mail to

Visit GSF’s Facebook page: