Programme Structure


At the Department of Political Science, a wide range of courses at Master’s degree level are offered within the field of politics and social sciences in general. Courses are offered focusing on specific themes, theories, countries or cases in general and comparative political science, national and international public administration, international politics, history of ideas, political communication, methodology and more. With this choice of courses, one can greatly specialize in the field of politics that you are interested in.

All courses on the master's programme take place in classes of varying sizes and conclude with an oral examination or a written examination.

The courses focus on theory, but also incorporate examples and case studies from current political affairs. Discussion and debate are important parts of the programme, as students must be able to show they can independently evaluate issues raised in class. It is common for class courses to alternate between teacher presentations, group and plenary discussions and student presentations.

Classes are held in the Department of Political Science, located at the Centre for Health and Society (colloquially CSS), Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK-Copenhagen K.


The Master’s Programme in Political Science is prescribed to two years of full-time studying (i.e. 4 semesters). The core subject area is political science and a minimum of 90 ECTS credits, including the thesis, must be within the field of political science (i.e. international relations, political science with history of ideas and governance). Up to 30 ECTS credits can be taken in general social science.

Mandatory elements

On the Master's Programme, you must choose a core subject of 22,5 ECTS. The core courses are offered only in the autumn. The core courses are rooted in the political research, and are built on the research areas of the institute.

In addition, you must take the course Public Law of 7.5 ECTS and write the thesis of 30 ECTS.

Optional elements

On the Master's programme you can choose freely from the electives offered by the Department of Political Science.

In addition, you can also take an academic internship or study abroad.