International Bachelor’s degree

As a citizens from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you can apply for admission based on a relevant bachelor’s degree or another relevant degree at the same educational level.

  • The Admissions Committee will evaluate your application and assess if your degree can meet the academic admission requirements based on its academic content.

You can only get an answer to whether or not your degree meets the academic admission requirement by applying for admission at the MSc Programme. Solely the Admissions Committee can evaluate whether you are qualified or not. They do this once they have received your application.

Application fee

Citizens from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland must pay an application fee of DKK 750 (approx. EUR 100).

Tuition fees

Citizens from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland must pay tuition fees. The fee is DKK 75,000.00 per academic year.

When to apply

Entry 1 September
  • The Application Portal opens: 15 November
  • Application deadline: 15 January, 23:59:59 CET

It is your own responsibility to apply in due time and, preferably, well before the deadline for applications. Solely applications which are submitted before the deadline for applications will be considered.

We, thus, recommend that you apply as soon as possible when the Application Portal opens.

If you do not upload your application within the deadline, your application will not be considered. However, you may apply for a dispensation to be exempted from the application deadline if exceptional circumstances that have prevented you from applying within the deadline exist. An application for a dispensation must be sent as soon as possible to You must provide documentation of the exceptional circumstances. Although you are able to document exceptional circumstances, the Faculty is solely able to grant you a dispensation to be exempted from the application deadline if there are still vacant places at the time that we receive your application. If you are granted a dispensation, your application for admission will be considered.

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