Career opportunities 

The MSc in Security Risk Management provides graduates with an innovative professional profile. This profile entails both a methodological knowledge of risk analysis and an understanding of the international political reality that face organisations and private companies today upon which graduates will be able to contextualise risk analysis, identify insecurities and make sustainable political and commercial decisions. Upon completing the programme, graduates will thus be able to work in both private and public organisations in jobs focussing on development, evaluation and management of projects regarding organisational and political change. Graduates will, especially, be able to take on jobs regarding advice about and implementation of initiatives for risk and security management as well as development of strategies, policy alternatives and the institutional frameworks supporting this. Potential jobs for graduates of the MSc in Security Risk Management thus include e.g. (this is based on the Danish job market but may be extended to other countries as well):

Private sector

  • Market and risk analyst in private companies
  • CSR consultant
  • Executive secretary
  • Security manager
  • Public affairs manager or manager of government relations
  • Stakeholder management consultant
  • Global public affairs manager
  • Advisor in an insurance company (both regular insurance and re-insurance)
  • Advisor in an investment company
  • Risk analyst in consultancies that provide political risk analyses, intelligence and monitoring of political risks
  • Intelligence advisor
  • Crisis management employee (in both private companies and public institutions)
  • Strategic consultant (in both private companies and public institutions)
  • Consultant in industrial or trade organisations

Public sector

  • Civil advisor in the Danish Defence (at home or abroad and regarding both military and humanitarian peacekeeping missions)
  • Political officer in relation to UN missions
  • Risk analyst in relation to major public investments and projects
  • Event risk manager
  • Emergency planning (in both private companies and public institutions)
  • Development and analysis worker in the Danish Defence Intelligence Service or the Danish Security and Intelligence Service
  • Analysis and project worker in the police or the Danish Emergency Management Agency
  • Project manager in the Danish Emergency Management Agency
  • Employee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (within the areas of security, service for citizens, development and export)
  • Analysis worker in the Ministry of Defence, the Health and Medicine Authorities or the Ministry of the Environment

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