Students at the Security Risk Management programme have the opportunity to replace one course(7,5 ECTS) in their master’s programme with an academic internship.

The purpose of the academic internship is to enable students to gain knowledge, experience and insights into ‘security risk management in practice’. The aim is that students, by their presence and active participation in performing relevant task(s) in a workplace, become able to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical context. The workplace task(s) must be related to the field of security risk management and of satisfactory academic relevance. Students can choose to do a part-time internship during a semester (maximum of 15 hours a week) or as full time internship for a shorter period of time, e.g. during a summer holiday. The students are required to do a pre-specified work product during their internship, e.g. a consultancy report, a strategy plan, a power point presentation or even an app. The internship is concluded with an academic paper in which the students reflect theoretically and/or methodologically on the work product they have completed during the academic internship. Internship sites for Security Risk Management students are very diverse, ranging from government agencies, private companies and NGOs involved in security issues.