Why study Social Data Science

An interdisciplinary programme at the highest academic level

The MSc in Social Data Science at the University of Copenhagen is an ambitious programme that provides advanced practical and theoretical training within a rapidly developing field of interdisciplinary research, intervention and employment. Social data science is a core strategic focus for the Faculty of Social Sciences, which is home to the Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS), to which many of the teachers on the programme are affiliated. The University of Copenhagen is the highest-ranked university in Denmark and is frequently ranked among the top five universities in Continental Europe. Internationally, the University of Copenhagen is ranked among the top 1 per cent of the world’s universities.

Coding boot camp and field exercises

While the programme combines a range of different methods and analytics, a sustained effort is put into making it add up into a cohesive whole. To foster this interdisciplinary integration and an open collaborative atmosphere, the first weeks are spent on practical field exercises and other curricular and extracurricular activities, which introduce the students to each other as well as to their core teachers. These first weeks are followed by a six-week-long social data science boot camp. Apart from classes in key data science methods like programming and statistical modelling, the boot camp will further socialise the students into a closely-knit group for whom the ability to work in teams with people of diverse professional and personal backgrounds will be a core competence.

Integrated first-year and second-year specialisation

The programme is structured as a combination of compulsory first-year courses and with plenty of scope for individual tailoring in the second year, where students can go on internships, do fieldwork or enrol in elective courses in the third semester. Students will be taught at the highest level by a team of scholars specialised in social data science. The fact that all students follow the same classes throughout the first year creates a vibrant social learning environment.

Career possibilities

The study programme opens up possibilities for several types of employment. There is a considerable need for interdisciplinary data science skills in industry, service and technology businesses, and for consultants in local and global markets. Many graduates will go on to jobs in the private sector. Others will find employment in public and non-profit institutions and organisations in Denmark and abroad as well as in international organisations. Finally, graduates can pursue a research career in social data science as well as related social science and data science fields.

Vibrant student environment at the beautiful campus

With more than 40,000 students and a rapidly increasing number of international students, the University of Copenhagen offers a vibrant academic and social environment.
Located in the heart of Copenhagen, City Campus accommodates students and lecturers from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The city centre and the many beautiful parks are right on your doorstep. At the University of Copenhagen, social science students are renowned for their involvement in student politics as well as in academic and social activities – and you are welcome to join in.