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Associations and clubs

Students at the University of Copenhagen have access to a range of extra-curricular activities through university clubs and associations and places affiliated with the university. The following is a sample of what is offered.


If you are interested in participating in sports while you are studying at the University of Copenhagen, we encourage you to make use of the University's Sports Association, KSI. It is very affordable compared to joining other clubs and it is a good way to socialise with other students in an informal way.

Cultural and social associations

During the semester, student associations like the International Student Society of Copenhagen (ISSC) and ESN-Copenhagen arrange events for international students as well as Danish students at the University of Copenhagen, with the aim of promoting cultural exchange among students in Copenhagen. 

The Student House

The Student House (Studenterhuset) is located in the centre of Copenhagen, and functions as a natural place for students from different faculties to meet, study and have a good time. During the week the Student House puts on a range of activities. The atmosphere is friendly and open, and it is a great place for Danish and international students to meet, have a drink and debate and joke in numerous languages.


Many students form bands and choirs on an informal basis. If you play a classical instrument, you may join an orchestra like SymfUni which was established by a group of students and is open to everyone looking for a way to play classical music together with fellow students, and at the same time create friendships across the faculties of the university.

Friday bars

If you want to experience Danish student life, the 'Fredags-bar' is a must. The Friday bars take place at departments or faculties at the university on Friday afternoons and offer a great opportunity to socialise with fellow students in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.