Contact information

Faculty of Humanities

If you study at the Faculty of Humanities, contact the Guidance Centre at the department where you study.

Faculty of Law

At the Faculty of Law, please contact the Study and Career Guidance - E-mail: 

Faculty of Science

At the Faculty of Science, please contact the Study and Career Guidance.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Søren Hedegaard Sørensen
Tel: 353-24313 - E-mail:

Faculty of Health and Medical Science

Please contact your student counselor in your department.

Faculty of Theology

Anja Mee Foldberg
Tel: 353-23959 - E-mail:

Brackets School

Carina Lundahl
Tel: 353-22867 - E-mail:

Forestry College

Arne Hebbelstrup
Tel: 353-31581 - E-mail:

School of Oral Health Care

Sanne Wass Christensen
Tel: 353-26861 - E-mail: