Finding Housing 

If you are looking for accommodation in Copenhagen, we have listed some tips and Internet sites below to help you.

The Housing Situation

The housing situation in Copenhagen can be difficult particularly in the period around August and September which is the beginning of the academic year. However, if you invest some time in going room-hunting, you should be able to find a place to live.

Tips when Searching and Finding Housing

  • Include the suburban areas just outside the centre of Copenhagen in your search. They are often slightly cheaper and it is still very easy and fast to get to the University and into town by public transportation or on your bike. 
  • Be aware that many buildings in Copenhagen date back one or two hundred years. Most of them have been renovated recently and are kept in very good condition, but quite a few of them still have small bathroom facilities or share bathroom facilities with other flats in the building.
  • Because housing is in great demand, prices have gone up in Copenhagen as in other major international cities. Most rooms in Copenhagen cost between DKK 5,000 - 10,000 per month. When enquiring about a room, remember to ask if all costs (electricity, heating and water) are included in the monthly rent.
  • Enquire about “house rules” to make sure that you and your landlord/landlady agree on possible terms and conditions. You should also make sure to get a signed housing contract which includes the rental period and the conditions of notice to terminate the lease.
  • International Education & Grants strongly recommends that you do not accept illegal rental agreements, for instance if the landlord/landlady asks you to pay more than stated in the contract or will not allow you to register the address at the civil registration office (Folkeregistret).
  • It is important that you take out House Contents Insurance.
  • Please notice that contracts for residence halls might start prior to the semester start. Please find more information in the booking manual

Useful Internet Sites

  • Apply for a room through the Student- and Youth Accommodation Office Copenhagen (KKIK). Please note that your stay in Denmark must be for at least 2 semesters, otherwise your application will be declined.
  • Apply for a room through the Central Nomination Committee (CIU).
  • The Blue Newspaper (Den Blå Avis) online carries ads on a range of things including rooms and flats for rent. The site is only available in Danish.
  • At HousingAnywhere students that are going abroad can adverstise their rooms or flats, and incoming students can respond to the offer for free.

The internet is full of housing services and by doing a search on Copenhagen and housing related words, you will get a number of hits. While there are many good and useful sites, we also advice you to show caution particularly if the sites demand substantial fees for their services.