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Citizens of EU and EEA Countries

If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you will need a residence permit, if you are staying in Denmark for more than three months. The permit may be obtained at the Regional State Admisnistration (Statsforvaltningen) upon arrival in Denmark. Bring your passport, one passport photo (two if you are not an EU citizen) and your 'Letter of Admission' when you apply.

The Regional State Administration for Greater Copenhagen/
Statsforvaltningen Hovedstaden
Borups Allé 177
2400 Copenhagen NV
Tel.: +45 72 56 70 00

Note that it may take up to three weeks for Statsforvaltningen to process your application and issue your residence permit. You need to obtain your residence permit before you can register with the Danish Civil Registration Office/Borgerservice and be covered by Danish Health Security.

Work Permit

Students from EU member states will not need a work permit for regular student jobs.