Campus life

South Campus, home to the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Theology. Photo: Anne Trap-Lind.

Study environment

While the campus areas are integrated into the city of Copenhagen and students have easy access to the facilities available in the city, there are plenty of on-campus options to go for.  



























































Associations and clubs

Check out the many options at the University and in the city of Copenhagen. Also, see this very helpful list of organisations and mentor programmes.



























Four campus areas in central Copenhagen

 As distances in Copenhagen are relatively small, it is easy to get from one campus to the other either by bicycle or public transportation. Learn more about each campus area by clicking on the map below.

Campus Areas North Campus City Frb South
Biking from downtown Copenhagen (Nørreport Station), you can – on average – reach: City Campus in 3 minutes, North Campus in 6 minutes, Frederiksberg Campus in 9 minutes, and South Campus in 13 minutes.