COVID-19: Information for exchange and guest students

Last updated: 10 August 2021

For the latest information on entering Denmark and COVID-19 rules, please see the Danish authorities' website.

The guidelines from the Danish authorities will continue to change. While this website is updated regularly, it is your own responsibility to get the latest information from the link above. 

Information for exchange/guest students at UCPH












Last updated: 10 August 2021

The general corona restrictions have been eased in Denmark over the summer. This means that face masks are no longer required at the university from 14 June, and because distancing requirements are also being discontinued students can be on campus without restrictions. 

As of 1 August, a negative test will no longer be required for students to be on campus. This also means that the quick-test facilities on campus will close down. With the relaxing of restrictions, UCPH is planning to reopen for the autumn semester in the usual way.

Please note that even though your study programme may include online teaching, it is not possible to take the entire semester as online distance education.

Make sure that you keep yourself updated on the latest news on the Danish authorities' COVID-19 website.









Last updated: June 2021

We are working hard to plan a good orientation programme for you. Before the start of the semester, we will be sending more information to your UCPH e-mail about the orientation and mentor programmes.


Last updated: 10 August 2021

The Danish government uses a colour scheme (green, yellow, orange, and red) for the country or region you are travelling from. For more details about the rules and requirements for entering Denmark that apply to you, please visit the Danish authorities' website here:

This list of countries/regions is updated weekly, so remember to check before travelling to Denmark.

Requirements regarding test and isolation when entering Denmark

Read about what specific requirements that applies to you when you enter Denmark on the Danish authorities' COVID-19 website.

Arrivals Hotline of the Danish Police

We recommend that all incoming students contact the Arrivals Hotline to make sure that you can enter Denmark.

Telephone: +45 7020 6044

Hotline opening hours
Monday–Wednesday 08.00–16.00 (8 am–4 pm)
Thursday 08.00–15.00 (8 am–3 pm)
Friday 08.00–14.00 (8 am–2 pm)



























































































Last updated: 12 August 2021

While the health guidelines in relation to COVID-19 measures have gradually been relaxed in Denmark over the summer, the situation continues to develop, and the Danish authorities are updating their guidelines regularly.

At the Danish authorities' website, you can find the latest information about the rules and guidelines for different situations, such as travelling on public transport, shopping, fitness centres and nightlife:





















Last updated: 29 November 2021

It is free to take a PCR or quick test for COVID-19 in Denmark.

If you do NOT yet have a Danish health card/CPR number and no NemID

Please read the instructions on this page, if you do not have a CPR number and you need a COVID-19 test:

If you have a Danish health card/CPR number and a NemID
  1. You can book a timeslot for a PCR COVID-19 test. Book a timeslot here.
  2. You can take a quick test without a reservation. Find nearest test center here.






































































Last updated: June 2021

If you have any questions or concerns about the autumn 2021 semester, please contact us at