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Going Back Home

When your stay in Copenhagen is coming to an end, there are a few things that need your attention before you can go back home.

Transcript of Academic Records

Paperwork to be done
Check with your home university and the international coordinators at your department or faculty what to do prior to departure. Please note that European Erasmus students must have their learning agreements and similar documents signed at departmental or faculty level.

If you have a contract with the Housing Foundation please visit their web site  https://housingfoundation.ku.dk/ (indsæt link på “web site”) for information on the departure procedure.

Citizens Service Office
You must notify the Danish Citizens Service Office of your departure. Students living in Copenhagen should send an e-mail to folkeregister@kff.kk.dk indicating name; day of birth; address in home country and finally the date of departure. The health insurance card should be destroyed.