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Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacies


With the Danish Health Insurance you can see a doctor without charge. When you receive your Health Insurance Card, a General Practitioner will be assigned to you. His/her contact details are printed on your Health Insurance Card if you need to make an appointment. Remember to bring your Danish Health Insurance Card when you go to see the doctor.

If you need to see a doctor before you have registered with the Danish authorities to obtain health insurance, you can make an appointment with doctors in the city who take turns offering service to tourists and other visitors from abroad. Find out who and where to go by phone: (+45) 70 20 15 46.

If you have a medical history, it is always a good idea to bring with you the accurate and complete physical and mental health information to secure a safe and healthy study abroad experience.


If you need to see a specialist, please make an appointment with your General Practioner to get a referral to see the specialist.


If you are uncertain what you should do in the event of sudden illness or injury, you can call a medical helpline on 1813. If you are using a phone service based outside Denmark, please remember to use Denmark’s country code +45 before dialling 1813.

Outside Opening Hours

If you need medical assistance outside of your doctor's opening hours, please call the emergency medical service to make an appointment. If you live in the municipality of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg or on Amager the telephone number is (+45) 38 69 38 69 Monday to Friday from 16 pm to 8 am, and during weekends and on national holidays all 24 hours. If you live in the greater area of Copenhagen, call (+45) 44 53 44 00.


Patients and patient journals are treated confidentially in Denmark. Hence the only persons who have access to the information are you and your doctor/medical advisers. However, in case of serious illness or accident during your study abroad period in Denmark, we encourage you to contact International Education & Grants or your faculty. You are always welcome to talk to one of the international advisors if you have personal or health related issues that you are concerned about.


If you need to see a dentist, you are free to choose any dentist and call to make an appointment. Be aware that dental treatment is not free of charge in Denmark. You will find a list of dentists in the yellow pages under "tandlæger". Yellow pages website.

Outside Opening Hours

In case of an emergency outside office hours (8-16), you can visit the emergency dental service.

Emergency Dental Service (Tandlægevagten) Oslo Plads 14, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø (by Østerport station) Tel: (+45) 35 38 02 51 Opening hours: Weekdays 20-21:30, weekends and public holidays 10-12


You are able to buy a few types of medicine in supermarkets. However, if you need medicine, even just pain killers, we recommend that you always buy them in a pharmacy where specialists are able to give you professional advice on what you are buying, possible side effects and how much to take.

Outside Opening Hours

If you need medication outside regular opening hours, there are a few pharmacies that are open 24 hours.

Copenhagen Steno Pharmacy
Vesterbrogade 6C
DK-1620 Copenhagen V
Tel: (+45) 33 14 82 66

Copenhagen Sønderbro Pharmacy
Amagerbrogade 158
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: (+45) 32 58 01 40