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Insurance and Health Insurance

Danish Health Insurance

The Danish Health Security Act covers international students at the University of Copenhagen staying for more than three months. However, you are not covered until you have registred with the Citizen Service office in Copenhagen. It may take up to two weeks from the day you register until you receive your personal health insurance card. In case you need medical treatment during this period, you are welcome to consult the doctor you were assigned upon your registration.

Be aware that the Danish Health Insurance does not cover the costs of medical evacuation back to your home country, emergency repatriation and personal liability. For this reason we encourage students to purchase insurance prior to their departure for Denmark; including health insurance to cover you until you are covered by the Danish Health Insurance.

If you have chronic medical problems requiring prescriptive medicine, it is a good idea to bring copies of your medical history issued by your local doctor. Please note that medicine is not free in Denmark.

Please refer to the information below for specific rules applying to the Danish Health Insurance depending on your citizenship. You can also refer to the information available from the Copenhagen Citizens Service website.

Non-EU/EEA and Non-Nordic Students

Students from non-EU/EEA and non-Nordic countries staying for more than three months should apply for a Health Insurance Card upon arrival. The certificate is valid immediately after you have registered with the local Citizen Service. It is therefore strongly recommended that you register as soon as soon as possible upon your arrival in Denmark. Read this folder about how non-EU/EEA students are covered by the Danish Health Insurance.

EU and EEA Students

EU/EEA students staying for more than 3 months should bring the European Health Insurance Card from their local health insurance office. This card is proof that you are entitled to health insurance at home, and therefore it entitles you to apply for Danish Health Insurance upon arrival in Denmark. It also entitles you to free medical care in Denmark until the Danish Health Insurance covers you. Read this folder about how EU/EEA students are covered by the Danish Health Insurance.

Nordic students

Nordic students are covered for up to six months by the Danish Health Security Act. If you are staying for more than six months, you must bring the "internordiske flyttepapirer" and use these when applying for a Health Insurance Card. For more information about moving within the Nordic countries, please refer to the Hallo Norden website.

No University Insurance

The University of Copenhagen does not have a mandatory insurance policy which students are required to take out, and students are not covered by any insurance policies taken out by the University of Copenhagen.

Other Insurance Policies

If you do not take out insurance with a company in your home country, you may take out insurance with International Health Insurance (IHI) in Denmark. The IHI Study Abroad insurance covers for periods up to 24 months, and gives full protection in case of acute illness and injury. It also covers medical evacuation back to your home country, emergency repatriation and personal liability, among many other things. For further information please contact:

International Health Insurance Danmark a/s
Tel.: (+45) 33 15 30 99

General Insurance with Danish Providers

With regard to general insurance (personal possessions, accident and liability), you may contact the following Danish insurance companies if you are not able to take out an insurance prior to your departure. The companies provide information in English if you give them a call. Please note that it is also important that you take out House Contents Insurance. The companies listed below will cover students on short term stays in Denmark.

Alm. Brand
Tel.: (+45) 33 30 60 10 (in Danish)

Tryg Forsikring
Tel.: +45 70 11 20 20 (in Danish)